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Advanced technological solutions in desalination and integrated water treatment, photovoltaic systems and energy efficiency.

Water and Desalination

Anthracite Zeolite Activated Carbon Garnet Manganese Dioxide, Aquamandix Sand Gravel Limestone

Filtering Media / Anthracite

Anthracite is a very hard mineral coal characterized by its high carbon content, which can reach up to 95%.


Filtering Media / Zeolite

Zeolite is a high efficiency filter media, which reduces the OPEX of a traditional filtration system by up to 50%.


Filtering Media / Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is an absorbent with high carbon content and high internal porosity.


Filtering Media / Garnet

Its chemical properties, hardness and durability make Garnet an ideal filter media.


Filtering Media / Aquamandix

AquaMandix is mainly constituted by Manganese Dioxide and is characterized by a high catalytic activity.


Filtering Media / Sand

Sand is one of the most commonly used materials as a filter media for water filtration.


Filtering Media / Gravel

Gravel is used as a filter media support, because it is an economical material and does not give any characteristic to the water.


Filtering Media / Limestone

Our calcite with a calcium carbonate content higher than 98% is a specific product for water remineralization.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Photovoltaic Systems

pecialists in energy transition. We carry out integral projects: free preliminary study, installation of solar panels, legalization of installations for individuals and companies.

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Keiken Engineering

We are part of a group of companies dedicated to different fields, all of them pioneers in their sector: cosmetic companies, biotechnology, fuel energy saving and large photovoltaic projects.

For this reason KEIKEN ENGINEERING is always innovating and applying new technologies that is reflected in their customers, improving their production and saving on unnecessary expenses.

29 de July de 2022

What is the best way to use zeolite for filtration purpose?

With the constant evolution and advent of technology, everything around us is transforming and making human lives easier by the day. The need for clean water is one of the topmost priorities ...

For Keiken Engineering, ISO 9001:2015 is a milestone in its quest for continuous improvement and its dedication to customers, as it brings substantial improvement in all areas of the company, allowing all processes to be controlled in detail. 

It also helps to properly manage the entire organization to avoid unnecessary expenses, budget deviations and costly errors. This saves time in production, which translates into improved deadlines and prices offered in our projects.

ISO 9001

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