Activated Carbon

The activated carbon is an adsorbent with high carbon content and a high internal porosity, and therefore a large free surface for adsorption. Thanks to its characteristics, the activated carbon effectively allows the elimination of unwanted substances, mainly organic matter and chlorine, in both gases and liquids.
The active carbon has a wide range of applications at the industrial level. These include water purification, wastewater treatment, and air and gas purification among others.
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Activated Carbon for Water Purification

Activated carbon is widely used for water purification at homes and industrial application as well. In the water treatment plants, the activated carbon for water helps in getting exceptional results. It is used for adsorbing natural organic compounds, odors, taste, and various types of chemicals. Unlike any other materials, activated carbon has the ability to perform adsorption, which is a physical as well chemical process that absorbs the harmful elements and ensure the liquid is free of any contamination. Activate charcoal for water is a highly effective adsorbent ideal for industrial use.

Quality of the activated carbon for water matters. At Keiken Engineering, we use the highest quality activated carbon for water purification. We aim to provide the best solution for your water treatment plant that easily meets your quality, efficiency and safety needs.

High-Quality Activated Carbon

We are committed to providing a reliable and quality service that will help your water treatment plant become more efficient and in compliance with the safety regulation. With so many years in the business, we have developed partnership with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and will ensure that your business gets the best service it needs.

We only use high-quality activated carbon for water purification and treatment. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will ensure the best results.

Sustainable Solution

We understand the needs of the industries relating to water treatment plants. We are committed towards sustaining the environment and earth’s resources. The responsible use of the Earth’s natural resources is an essential consideration for us. We always ensure that we acquire the best quality activated carbon for water from the similar minded manufacturers and partners. We know that the production of activated carbon for water has environmental impacts, which is why we deal with manufactures and partners who are committed to the careful management. We are committed to becoming a sustainable company providing high-quality and efficient service without causing any damage to the environment.

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