Compact plants and Pilot

Thanks to our experience and our versatility, we can provide our customers with water treatment plants with the most innovative and efficient technologies in the market. These can be pilot plants or compact plants.
The pilot plants are used to carry out tests of a specific treatment. The results obtained in these pilot plants can be extrapolated to larger scales, which allows to know in advance the operating conditions of the same treatment with greater dimensions and flow to be treated.
The compact plants, however, are facilities that allow the treatment of contaminated water to improve the dumping conditions, always in an economical, automated way and obtaining the best results. Treatment of industrial waters, reuse and treatment of domestic waters for small populations are some of the possible applications of this type of plants.
These plants are modular and can be containerised or not, depending on the needs of the customer.

Water Treatment Pilot Plants

At Keiken Engineering, we strive to provide the best solution to our clients with the help of the best water treatment pilot plants. These water treatment pilot plants are essential for various businesses to carry our extensive experiments and test before they can implement the actual method. This is a cost-effective and efficient method that saves a lot of time and money while providing companies with a high effective mechanism. Using water treatment pilot plants is an efficient method used by various industries all over the world. You can utilize this method to make your company more efficient and safe.

We provide the best water treatment pilot plants for various purposes like research, engineering, and technology validation. This helps companies to easily compare various water treatment technologies. You can compare the effectiveness of various conventional and alternative water treatment technologies to determine which is the best method that suits your needs. You can rely on the results to choose the technology for a new plant construction or expansion of the existing plant. Companies can also use the water treatment pilot plants to determine whether the methods are in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

High-Quality Service

Keiken Engineering is committed to providing the best services to our clients. We have the best water treatment pilot plants where our clients can experiment safely, improve the designs and technologies used, and even use it for training their water treatment professionals. We rely on efficient technologies like Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, or Microfiltration technology for testing a wide range of application. Our water treatment pilot plants are ideal for a wide range of industries like the medical, pharmaceutical, dairy, electrocoat paint, and more.

We have so many years of experience in the field of water treatment plants and related services. We can custom create water treatment pilot plants for your various needs and ensure the best results. We are committed to proving high-quality and cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs efficiently.

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Plants for Demineralization (DM)

In many applications, the quality of the required water must be pure. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a demineralization process that is based on the elimination of inorganic ions (calcium and magnesium mainly) present in the influent to obtain a high quality in the treated water.
To achieve it, our plants carry out water treatment through ion exchange resins, which absorb and accumulate the ions contained even in the most diluted solutions. Once the quality reached in the effluent is not adequate, the automatic cleaning system regenerates the resins by means of acid and basic dissolutions to meet the specifications established by the customer.

Ultrafiltration plants (UF)

UF plants manufactured by Keiken Engineering are able to ensure the elimination of pollutants in the order of organic compounds, virus, colloids and bacteria. This is due to the use of membranes with a pore size between 0.1 and 0.01 micron, which determine the name of this physical separation treatment.
We can guarantee a high quality water for different uses (reuse, reverse osmosis pretreatment, etc.), stability in permeate, low space requirements and modularity. In addition, our plants are equipped with an automatic membrane washing equipment. It allows always work in the best operating conditions required by the process.