Energy Efficiency

Carrying out all kinds of actions for energy efficiency, we pursue the objectives of efficiently managing our customer consumptions, reducing electricity consumption in their facilities, preserving the environment and giving energy security to your business.
Thanks to our team of experts and the audits carried out in your facilities, we will be able to know the potential actions to be implemented to reduce your spending on the electricity bill.

Savers electricity consumption(Enerteq)

ENERTEQ is a high-tech system for energy saving, which reduces electricity consumption by supplying more stable and effective network current, producing savings of up to 20% in our light bill. Equipment with 5 years guarantee, amortization less than 18 months and without maintenance.
It acts on the installation in which it is installed as follows:
- Stabilizes the input voltage at a nominal voltage.
- Attenuates voltage spikes produced by starting engines, air conditioning equipment, appliances, etc.
- Eliminates harmonic distortions and electrical signal noises.
- Reduces the impedances produced by factors such as voltage imbalance between phase and neutral.

LED and Solar lighting

KEIKEN ENGINEERING supplies the most efficient LED material, being able to achieve savings in lighting costs of up to 80% compared to incandescent lamps. High lifespan, high luminosity and very low or zero maintenance cost, in addition to significant energy savings, are the reasons that define the change to this technology.
In cases where a certain self-sufficiency is required, KEIKEN also offers its customers the possibility of installing solar LED lamps. These have solar panels and batteries that allow to supply energy to the luminaires, which means that the energy cost would be 0 by taking advantage of only the energy from the sun.

Domotics and Consumer Management

Our goal is to make things easier for our customers. Therefore, we carry out actions that allow to remotely control, manage and automate any installation, in addition to a totally personalized advice on this matter for each particular case.
Thanks to these actions, our clients can know by themselves instant consumptions, hidden consumptions, besides the savings that these can generate both in the consumption of electricity, as in the consumption of water and fuels.