RD 56/2016

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An Energy Audit It is the basic tool to be able to identify the energy saving in the companies. It consists in the realization of a diagnosis that allows to know the situation of the company with regard to the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This diagnosis identifies the energy saving and efficiency measures that could be implemented in order to minimize consumption and reduce the carbon footprint.

The Energy efficiency It is a practice that aims to reduce energy consumption. Energy efficiency is the efficient use of energy to optimize production processes using less energy and to produce more goods and services. In other words, produce more with less energy. It's not about saving light, it's about lighting up better by consuming less electricity, for example. Energy efficiency also significantly reduces the carbon footprint.


Energy audits must be carried out by duly qualified energy auditors. Energy consumption should be studied in buildings or industrial facilities, including transportation. In the energy audits, detailed and validated studies will be carried out for the proposed measures thus facilitating clear information on the potential of savings, always from a cost-benefit analysis and with a period of return of the investment.

RD 56/2016 obliges large companies to carry out energy audits. With the aim of contributing to energy saving and efficiency. Energy efficiency is an essential aspect of sustainable growth. In addition, the RD 56/2016 obliges companies with at least 250 workers or those without having a turnover of more than 50 million euros to pass this audit. It is also of application for groups of companies. In the RD, Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are excluded, although it is advisable to do them.


KEIKEN ENGINEERING, as an energy service supplier, it has experienced professionals capable of conducting the required energy audits. Our team of energetic auditors has experience, training and the best equipment to provide the best service.

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