All businesses, regardless of size and activity, seek to minimize expenses and maximize their profits. Today, electricity is the main source of energy for most companies, so one of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to save on energy.

Implanting new technologies along with good worker awareness can help significantly decrease the amount of the electrical bill in any company. However, to achieve maximum efficiency and to seek a fair cost, it is also necessary to analyze the electricity consumption of these companies.


The Energy Efficiency is a practice that aims to reduce energy consumption. It Is about making efficient use of energy, and thus optimizing production processes using less energy to produce more goods and services.


A first strategy would be an Energy Audit in which energy consumption is established and the improvements to be implemented are determined. These improvements in Energy Efficiency Mean a reduction in consumption, making the establishment more efficient and Environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 emissions and Carbon Footprints, while also getting economic savings very Significant.

One of the actions of the improvement of the Energy Efficiency would be the change to LED lighting.

Lighting by LED Technology is already the present and the future of lighting. At KEIKEN ENGINEERING We can impact very positively on reducing the energy costs of our customers. One of the actions we carry out is the incorporation of LED lighting as we have the best suppliers of this type of lighting, ensuring high quality lamps.

downlight led


A LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor diode capable of emitting light; It Is a solid semiconductor body of great resistance, which when receiving an electric current of very low intensity, emits light efficiently and with high performance.

led colores

The first LED was developed in 1927 by Oleg Vladimírovich Lósev but it was not until the Sixties when it began to be used in the industry. Since then the advances have taken place and from the first LEDs that could only be built in red, green or yellow and with a low light intensity we have gone to the new ones that can offer a white light and enough to illuminate a room.

LED Advantages

1. Uniform and shadowless Light in the illuminated area, available in warm or pure whites, or of all colors, to the liking of the consumer. .

2. Energy Efficiency with a consumption of up to 85% less electricity.

3. Longer life span can offer about 45,000 hours of use.

4. The Greener Light; Not only because of the energy saving but also because of the chemical components that form it. No tungsten or mercury and other toxic products.

5. Low heat emission and minimum maintenance; Energy efficiency causes minimal heat emission.

led lamp

To request our Energy Efficiency Services, an Energy Audit, calculate the Carbon Footprint or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.