Industrial or urban residual effluents generate environmental impacts if they are not treated properly. In order to limit this impact, there is a strict legislation that penalizes illegal dumping and forces its treatment and purification to parameters that avoid or diminish the negative effects on the natural environment.

As progress is made in the treatment and purification of the water, a greater degree of purification is achieved and a notable reduction in the concentration of unwanted compounds in the effluents of discharge. In turn, the dumping limits have become more stringent. In some cases, due to the change of legislation, some WWTPs and WWTPs have been affected by not achieving the degree of purification required. One of the best solutions would be the implementation of MBBR technology.

Foto MBBR CArriers

The MBBR technology consists of a biological reactor, in which the microorganisms responsible for carrying out this degradation are adhered to mobile high-specific surface supports, called carriers. The carriers are in suspension and in continuous movement thanks to the aeration systems. This technology allows an improvement of the quality of the purified water, without having to carry out an enlargement of the existing plant. It is also the ideal solution for future debuggers that have limited space.


Some of the main advantages of this type of treatment would be:

- Reduction of the volume of the necessary biological reactor, due to the implementation of MBBR carriers, which achieve higher concentrations of biomass and improve the efficiency of the treatment.

- It does not need intensive maintenance.

- Ideal for a new construction with limited space or for a current construction that wants to improve the efficiency of the process without having to carry out an enlargement.

In KEIKEN we can carry out the supply of MBBR carriers and thanks to our experience and versatility, we can advise the implementation of a particular type for each project.

In addition:

- We have standard dimensions

- We can manufacture a mould and supply the carriers, according to specific and customized dimensions.

- The material used can be either new raw material or recycled material (black color) which lowers the cost of the same.

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