A strategy to improve applications and adaptations of Renewable Energies, like Solar or Wind, would be the implementation of energy storage batteries..


Why are additional batteries needed?

Because these Renewable Energies are not constant. They are intermittent and cannot be continuously exploited 24/7. Solar Power allows it use during the day, however Wind Power allows its use with adequate speed winds, between 4-25 m/s to prevent Equipment Mechanical Damage.

The additional batteries allow to accumulate the generated energy and to consume it at any time, even at night and without an acceptable wind speed. These batteries may be charging during peaks of power generation not exploited by consumers, which, in peaks of high consumption, is demanded.

The implementation of renewable energies and added to the energy storage batteries, promote the transition towards self-consumption. In addition, these systems allow a continuous, safe and sustainable supply of energy to areas characterized by frequent light cuts or difficulty accessing energy. In these remote and troubled areas, a support generator could be installed, allowing the battery to be charged in case of periods with bad weather that hinders the renewable use.

tejado solar

A good example: a house located in an area with little accessibility to energy would be the implementation of a solar plant, an inverter-charger and batteries of energy storage, counting as energy support a generator set.

Added to the storage batteries, at KEIKEN we recommend further implementing our ENERTEQ Energy saver. It provides significant savings in energy consumption while protecting and lengthening the service life of our equipment. Providing an even more efficient and sustainable solution.

These proposed renewable technologies are an improvement in energy efficiency, promoting self-consumption and improving the quality of life, since they do not generate noise compared to generators. It is also sustainable, environmentally friendly and promotes change to Green Energies.


For KEIKEN the most important thing is:

- Provide our customers a quality service that with the latest technologies.
- Reduce their costs and energy consumption.
- Preserving in the environment betting on renewable energies.
- Give energy security to your business.

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