Thanks to a specialized and dedicated team to the correct execution of the projects, KEIKEN offers a wide range of services that are fully adapted to the requirements of our clients, approaching our work methodology to reach the fixed targets.

Engineering Consulting

KEIKEN provides professional services in the field of consulting and engineering. From the engineering area we provide innovative solutions and avant-garde technological developments, since it is essential to be at the forefront of new technologies. In KEIKEN we have professionals in the sector, as well as other external collaborators who provide support in some work, in order to always guarantee a service according to the needs of each client.

Turnkey projects

Keiken Engineering offers the "turnkey" modality or EPC for our clients ' projects. That is to say, we take care of the engineering work, purchase of equipment and materials, and finally civil works.
This implies several advantages in their projects, since Keiken will be in charge of coordinating them, assuming:
- Minimum effort for the client during the execution of the project.
- Quality assured in our work.
- Lower financial risks.
- Guaranteed project deadline.

Head Hunting

In KEIKEN we are proud to have a network of contacts that allows us to offer highly qualified and trusted personnel in the management, planning, control and execution of industrial projects.
We differentiate ourselves by having a network based on the confidence gained with the experience. All the profiles have previously worked with us and therefore we have the certainty of knowing where they can contribute more value and the quality of the work they will provide.

Advice and specialized consulting

KEIKEN offer advice to your company in applied consultancy work, mainly to the water and energy sector.
We offer an integral service that includes:
-Initial advising
-elaboration of documentation
Thanks to our knowledge in the international market, in KEIKEN we guarantee to our clients the advice that they need For your companies to find the best possible solution to their particular needs.

Due diligences in water treatment plants

KEIKEN is an independent company, without affiliation with construction companies, suppliers or financial institutions. A key aspect of our philosophy is: KEIKEN serves exclusively the interests of its customers.
The solutions provided are personalized, adjusting to the specific needs of each client, achieving significant improvements and great savings. Within the technical and energy Due-diligences in water treatment plants, KEIKEN has a wide range of skills and experience in which we highlight:

- Integration of technical and environmental specialists who provide a totally integrated approach to our analysis.

- Implementation of the latest existing technologies for the optimization of processes and consumption.

- Specialization in classic treatments and classic and latest generation filtrations.

- Great experience in desalination both in large plants and in compact plants.

Energy audits and efficiency studies

Energy efficiency studies are carried out by experts in order to achieve economic savings. They include studies of consumption, energy flows and consumer equipment, in order to propose savings solutions and a model to be followed for the reduction in the energy bill in the company.
KEIKEN has professionally qualified technicians to develop energy efficiency studies. .