How Effective Is Zeolite For Pool Water Filtration?

How Effective Is Zeolite For Pool Water Filtration?

Keeping the swimming pool sparkling clean throughout the year requires appropriate filtration techniques. When you succeed in choosing the right method, you’ll have the healthiest and best-looking swimming pool. Currently, Zeolita para filtración de agua is making heads turn, given its impeccable properties. 

Sand filter is primarily used for cleaning the swimming pools that are replaced with new sand at an interval of 3-5 years. It might as well need replacement sooner than that, depending on factors such as season length and other considerations. 

Working of The Sand Filter

Regardless of whether you’re using Zeolita para filtración de agua or any other kind of sand filter, all of them work the same. Water from the pool is drawn via the inlet pipe of your sand filter when your swimming pool pump is turned on. Only water is allowed to rejoin the swimming pool because of the sand in the filter, which stops particles from passing through it.

With the passage of time, all dirt and debris accumulate in the sand filter and become saturated. Hence, obstructing the flow of water partially or completely. Installing a gauge in the filter will assist in determining the accurate pressure level. This information assists you in determining whether to begin backwashing the swimming pool. 

When it's time to backwash your pool, the pump will agitate the waste that is embedded both inside and on top of the Zeolita para filtración de agua sand and remove it from the sand filter using your waste pipe. Once finished, rinse the sand with your pool filter's rinse setting for 30 to 60 seconds before starting the filtering process again. Skipping the rinse step can result in some sand actually getting into your pool. Your filter should now function at its best as the water flow should resume.

Why Is Zeolite The Ideal Sand To Be Used?

Located in volcanic rocks, Zeolite is a safe and natural mineral that can be turned into sand or Zenosand. It’s safe to say that it’s the most effective tool that keeps a swimming pool clean all year long. 

Microns as minute as 2-4 microns can be successfully cleared using the Zeolite sand. It implies that around 90% of the contaminants can be removed from the pool using this popular pool sand. Since even the tiniest particle can be removed, you can expect a clearer and healthy swimming pool. 

Zeolita para filtración de agua also filters our the Ammonia ions. Higher content of ammonia in the water acts as a catalyst for the growth of algae. It thrives in ammonia ions and grows much more easily. It’s a driving force behind people choosing Zeolite over other kinds of sand. Using Zeolite sand can easily entrap ammonia ions in the sand filter and make it easier for you to reduce the greens from the swimming pool. 

After an intense-backwashing session, you no longer have to backwash again for a considerable period. It’ll ease the burden on your shoulder as there’ll be a lot of time in between each session of backwash. 

Added Benefits Of Zeolite On Ammonia Removal 

Increasing rates of reports show that Zeolite is the best material for water filtration from commercial to residential uses. Zeolite is 100% natural and is backed by ANSI/NSF Standards. Following are the added benefits associated with using Zeolita para filtración de agua

• It can filter out contaminants ranging from 2 to 5 microns. 
• Functions for a much longer period than sand 
• Eliminates ammonia ions that are responsible for chloramine formation
• Zeolite doesn’t lead to inflammation of the eyes or itchy skin. It’s an eco-friendly and completely natural material that wipes out the chlorine smell from the pool. 
• Pool water clarity is magnified due to the removal of metal ions 
• You just need 50% less amount of zeolite sand as compared to any other sand for filtration 
• Ion exchange of molecular sieving structure naturally leads to wiping out bacteria.


Commonly found in sand filters, the all-natural Zeolita para filtración de agua is currently replacing the silica sand. Zeolite might be a little out of your budget. But, if you opt for it, it’ll definitely maintain the cleanliness and clarity of your swimming pool for a long. The frequency of cleaning the pool also depends on several other factors, such as the number of times a pool is used, the kind of debris that contaminate the pool, and lastly, the sand medium used. 

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