Equipment for water treatment

Innovation, quality and price competitiveness are the words that define us. KEIKEN ENGINEERING offers the best products for the water treatment sector, always meeting the most demanding delivery times.
In order to improve our services, we offer additional engineering services, design and personalized advice for each application.

Chemical dosing skids

The dosing stations or skids are units designed to ensure a controlled dosage of chemical reagents in a precise and safe way.
On chemical dosing skids, equipment, instruments and accessories are interconnected and mounted on a skid or bracket. This facilitates its installation and start-up, as well as being able to install in areas of reduced space and without the need of special civil works.
The dosing stations of KEIKEN Engineering are dimensioned to ensure their correct operation according to the particular characteristics of each reagent, and are manufactured with the most suitable materials for the preparation of the chemicals in the best conditions.

Tanks and multimedia filters

In KEIKEN we supply all kinds of industrial boilers equipment, mainly tanks and multimedia filters. The equipment is made to measure according to the specifications of each customer, and can be manufactured in varied materials such as:
-vitrified steel
-Stainless steel
In KEIKEN we offer the best value for money guiding the Result of our work to the maximum satisfaction of our clients.


The blowers are the equipment responsible for the supply of air to the diffusers arranged in the treatments that belong to the water treatment plants. Blowers supplied by Keiken are positive displacement type, composed of rotating lobes that displace the air by compression, whose structure can be either bilobular or trilobular.
Mounted in soundproofing cabins to comply with the most demanding regulations, our equipment also has a great quantity of air production capacities and a wide range of references in the water treatment area.
This type of blowers can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:
- Aeration of biological treatments.
- Filter washing.
- Resin washing.