The current situation motivates us to seek effective solutions to address the problem of industries and their wastewater. With only 2% of drinking water on our planet, the combination of droughts and increasing demand requires an immediate and practical response to meet all needs, whether human, industrial, or agricultural. Discover how to face the challenge of industrial wastewater with effective solutions.


We currently have the technology to reuse wastewater and collaborate in offsetting this need within society. Applied engineering makes it possible for these treatments to be replicated in many areas and not necessarily be large installations, ensuring sustainability and reducing environmental impact at all times.

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It is an installation that has systems specially designed to remove contaminants that are discharged into the water, with the aim of ensuring that the water does not represent a risk to health or the environment when it is incorporated into a sea, lake, or river.

Depending on the origin of this wastewater based on its industry/ship, a specific treatment is applied with the aim of reusing the water for other uses such as machinery cleaning, flushing, irrigation of own installations, reloading of gray water systems, etc.


Both the use and maintenance of plants, whether fixed or mobile, can be operated by the company's own qualified personnel or by KEIKEN. Any type of plant can be powered by photovoltaic panels with sustainable performance.

Portable reuse plant

Installation of a mobile purification plant within the container to supply the needs of one or more companies in different locations according to the required cubic meters.

Investment - Ownership of a mobile plant.
Rental - Acquire services to cover sporadic needs.*
*To be determined according to the type of treatment and relevant analytics.

Fixed reuse plant

Installation of a fixed purification plant at the stipulated location to supply the company's needs according to the required cubic meters.

Investment - Ownership of a fixed plant.


Detection of cases

List of specific needs for wastewater treatment.

Free analysis

Extraction of wastewater samples and analysis of properties.

Feasibility study

Development of the best formula based on the analysis and the utilization study.

Quality proposal

Final conclusion and plant proposal guaranteeing quality as the final objective and future uses.

Plant construction

Adaptation to the origin system and implementation into the network.


Reuse for new uses

Eliminate dirt and hazardous chemical/organic substances with the aim of reusing the treated wastewater for machinery cleaning, garden irrigation, reintegration into the gray water system...

Cost reduction and lower environmental impact

Avoid costs such as cleaning water and reduce water resources by feeding with photovoltaic self-consumption. Sustainable water.

Elimination of prohibited chemical products

Helps to treat emerging interest chemicals and chemicals prohibited for regulated discharge.

API elimination

Eliminate APIs, antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and EDCs without chemical dosing, without sludge, and without incineration costs. Many compounds are eliminated up to the detection limit.

Independent and/or mobile purifiers

Guaranteed supply to meet any demand at any location.

ISO environmental certification

Having a residual treatment facilitates procedures for obtaining certificates.


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