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Produce your own energy installing solar panels with KEIKEN Engineering. Integral photovoltaic projects for residential and companies, from previous study to final installation, legalization and maintenance.

Fondo Beneficios

Benefits of a photovoltaic system

Ico Autonomia


Self-consumption, own energy production.

Ico Ahorro


Savings on your electricity bill. Sale of excess energy to the electric grid.

Ico Sostenibilidad


100% renewable energy. 
Care for the environment.

Ico Legal


Certified system by Head of Industry.

Free viability study, we analyze your consumption and estimate the photovoltaic energy production needed to cover it. It includes the valuation of the profitability of the investment and the estimated consumption savings during the useful life of the solar panels.



Gavá, Barcelona

Gavá, Barcelona.  Industry // Power 71,76 kWp.

Deltebre, Tarragona

Deltebre, Tarragona.  Industry // Power 172,04 kWp

Ciudalcampo, Madrid

Ciudalcampo, Madrid.  Private house // Power 12,88 kWp

Son Servera, Mallorca

Son Servera, Mallorca.  Private house // Power 11.04 kWp.

Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona

Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona.  Private house // Power 12,15 kWp

Leganés, Madrid

Leganés, Madrid.  Industry // Power 55.8 kWp.

Palma, Mallorca

Palma, Mallorca.  Private house // Power 3.84 kWp.

Alameda de Osuna, Madrid

Alameda de Osuna, Madrid.  Private house // Power 11.70 kWp.

Marratxí, Mallorca

Marratxí, Mallorca.  Private house // Power 5,6 kWp.

Colmenarejo, Madrid

Colmenarejo, Madrid.  Private house // Power 4.2 kWp.

Fondo Instalaciones

KEIKEN, the most economical, efficient and profitable option for the installation of solar panels.


Photovoltaic or solar energy is renewable and unlimited and the cleanest and most ecological source of energy. Installed in private homes, they represent a saving of up to 70% on the electricity bill and a payback of the initial investment in a few years.

Photovoltaic or solar energy is renewable and unlimited, as well as a clean and environmentally friendly energy source. By installing solar panels the savings on your company's bill can be up to 70% while reducing CO2 emissions, making your business a more sustainable activity and committed to the care of the planet. We evaluate the annual savings and analyze the profitability of the investment calculating the payback period without any commitment.


  • Free personalized study
  • Competitive quotations without obligation
  • Processing of subsidies and sale of surpluses.
  • Useful life of the product 25 years.
  • APP. Real time production and consumption.
  • Fast and excellent installation and service.


  • Financing
  • Maintenance and cleaning


  • Solar energy + Grid connection
  • Solar energy + Grid connection + Batteries
  • Solar energy + Batteries
Control your photovoltaic system and performance in real time, wherever you are, from our APP intuitive and efficient
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+Can I install panels in my house?


From KEIKEN we carry out a free preliminary study of feasibility, location and orientation of the house. Currently, and as established in the Real Decreto 244/2019 of April 5th, companies and individuals can be producers of energy for self-consumption and sale of surpluses to the grid.

+What does self-consumption of energy and sale of surplus to the grid consist of?


By installing photovoltaic panels, you will take advantage of solar energy and produce your own energy. With this energy you will cover part of the electricity consumption of your home and you will also sell the surplus at the stipulated price. With this sale you will be able to cover part of the cost of your nightly electricity consumption.

+What are the benefits?


Own production of 100% green energy, self-consumption, savings of up to 70% on your bill and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

+What kind of subventions are available?


Subventions for the installation of photovoltaic panels are established by municipalities and are most commonly applied to municipal taxes. There may also be regional and state subsidies. We can analyze each case and advise you on current subsidies. In any case, the profitability of a photovoltaic installation does not lie in the subsidies, but in its efficiency.

+How does the climate influence energy production?


Technological innovation has improved and optimized the systems. In the past, on cloudy days, production was minimal and we depended on the power grid to maintain supply. But today it is possible to produce energy even in unfavorable conditions such as cloudy days, rain or snow. Solar energy is unlimited.

+How long does it take to recover the investment?


In KEIKEN we get our customers to recover their investment in the short term. We carry out a study based on the production capacity of the installation, the consumption pattern of the installation and the energy consumption pattern of the installation.

+What is the sale of surplus to the grid?


A photovoltaic system produces energy for the purpose of supplying an individual or company for self-consumption. The energy produced that is not being consumed at that moment can be automatically fed into the grid, and you will receive a bonus from your electrcity company on your bill. At Keiken Engineering, we have agreements with suppliers to improve this bonus. So whenever you need to consume energy from the grid, for example during the night, you will cover part of the consumption from the bonus obtained from the sale of that surplus of solar energy not consumed.

+How much savings?


Based on our track record and experience, we have calculated an average saving of more than 50% on your electricity bill. This saving is also calculated without taking into account the annual increase in the price of electricity, so we can ensure that the savings are greater taking into account the useful life of our panels, 25 years. We can also add here the annual bonuses on municipal taxes.

+How do I help to care for the environment?


Solar energy is clean and inexhaustible. By installing solar panels you will join the ecological transition and help to reduce the CO2 emissions of your home or company. An average home in Spain can emit more than 2 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of 98 trees.

+Why count on KEIKEN for your installation?


Because we are a company committed to energy efficiency and the environment. We have a high quality product at a very good price and we offer an exclusive, personalized and direct service for each client. We carry out a detailed free initial study where you will be able to check the profitability of your investment and the annual savings. In addition, you will have a mobile APP for real-time monitoring of production, savings and consumption.

If you need more information or have any specific questions, you can send us an email and we will answer your questions.




I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of the project. The solar panels work perfectly and the components installed inside the house have been perfectly integrated with the installation.


Good and efficient product


The previous study is very complete and the estimated production and savings data match reality. Direct contact to resolve doubts quickly.


From the beginning they were very clear. Clear and complete quote, including all the details to make the decision. The installation was very fast, in less than a week everything was up and running. They took care of all the paperwork and I am already selling electricity to the company they recommended. Highly recommended.


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