3 reasons why world is facing water crisis & can sesalination of seawater help

3 reasons why world is facing water crisis & can sesalination of seawater help

Water crisis is not a new discovery. For the past few decades, it has become apparent the world is no facing water crisis. Drought in Africa, water rationing in first world countries and flooding in some parts of the world, all point out the fact of water crisis. Even though the more than half of the earth surface is covered in water, there is a severe crisis of potable water.

Decreasing groundwater levels has painted a grim picture of the future. Food and water crisis will dominate the world in the next few decades. So, what is the reasons for global problem like water crisis?

Here are some of the major reasons behind water crisis:

1. Global Warming
One of the biggest reasons for water crisis is the changing climate. Global warming is making the planet hotter each day. The already hot areas are burning like hell while the cold geographies like the Artic are slowly seeing more warm than cold. Ice are melting in Antarctica while dry places like India are seeing slow depletion of ground water. Likewise, there are fewer rains due to phenomenon called Hadley Cell expansion which makes the cloud move towards the poles. This will create a very grim situation in the future for regions like the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America.

But the other side of the coin shows another grim picture – flooding. While some areas are receiving less rainfall each year, other areas that are closer to waterbodies like sea and river are seeing floods. The water level is rising and the risk of flood is great.

All these things are happening due to climate change because of global warming. This has led to water crisis in many areas.

2. Population Increase
It is no secret that increase in population is an important reason for lots of crisis including water crisis. Global food crisis is happening already and so is water crisis and the increasing population is the reason. It is a simple logic – more people more demand. The gap between demand and supply has resulted in global water crisis. Availability of drinkable water is already short and the industries too need potable water. Rapid population growth, industrialization, energy production from fossil fuels and the lifestyle demand of richer countries are resulting in the high demand of potable water.

Then there is depletion of groundwater in countries like India where it is needed for drinking, farming, industrial application and more. Advanced farming methods too are responsible for decreasing groundwater. Earlies, farming largely dependent on monsoon rain, which is not always reliable. The new technology may have provided an alternative, but it is also putting a lot of pressure on the groundwater.

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3. The Damage Done to the Eco-system
The earth’s ecosystem is the reason why life is sustainable here. But rapid industrialization and irresponsible human behavior is destroying the ecosystem. For instance, cutting down of trees, and diverting river course is creating an imbalance. Natural vegetation is responsible for replenishing the water in the ecosystem. Loss of trees and natural vegetation is creating this imbalance which is resulting in water crisis across the world.

The pollution is making the groundwater unsuitable for drinking and for human use. Untreated water is making its way to natural source of water, making it unusable. This is another reason why the world is facing water crisis.

Is there a Chance of Reducing the Effects of Water Crisis?
The good news is that the world is waking up to the problem of global warming and its effects. It also includes water crisis. Industries, government and individuals across the globe are now making collective effort to reduce waste and maximize the use of available resources.

One of the best methods of dealing with the water crisis is efficient desalination of seawater. The vast seawater available is enough to provide clean and portable water to the world. Desalination is a process that can easily convert the seawater or brackish water into potable water. This will at least help industries get water for their production while reducing their demand on groundwater sources.

The Bottom-line
From climate change to population boom to water wastage, there are many reasons for the global water crisis and its all man-made. It is high time that alternatives are explored to fight the water crisis while saving the planet from complete destruction. Efficient desalination of seawater is one of the methods that can help deal with water crisis across the globe. It can provide water for both drinking and industrial purposes.

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