Desalination in agriculture industry

Desalination in agriculture industry

Water is one of the essential factors in Agriculture Industry. You can get the necessary water for different ways, natural: as can be through rain, or from artificial: rivers, wells, reservoirs, recycled or desalinated water, among others. 

One of the techniques of obtaining irrigation water that has been developing in our Country is: Desalination. This is mainly due to droughts and low water availability that affects several areas of Spain.

However, it is necessary to take into account some considerations in using desalinated water as water for irrigation:

- Environmental impacts associated with the use of desalinated water for crop irrigation should be reduced. To this end, the remineralization of the water has been raised by mixing it with inland waters to achieve optimum irrigation parameters for each type of crop. If there is no continental water available for the mixture, then, the remineralization would be carried out in an usual treatment.

The technical feasibility of this process has been shown, however, the economic viability must be studied, and their profitability verified in each case.

Despite these environmental and economic aspects, the use of desalinated water for crop irrigation presents a very characteristic advantage: water uninterrupted availability, because it can provide an unlimited water resource to water shortages and arid zones.

Compact plants manufactured and proposed by KEIKEN are the best solution for Water Desalination and their employment as Agricultural Irrigation. Our Plants are built ad-hoc to adapt perfectly to the demands of our clients. Moreover, our proposed technologies can be hybridized with Renewable Energies to reduce Carbon Footprint. Some of these plants can be Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO), MED and MSF Plants, Membrane Distillation (MD) Or Forward Osmosis Plants (FO), among others.

To request our Water Treatment and Regeneration services or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.