How pilot water treatment plants are helping industries become self-reliant

How pilot water treatment plants are helping industries become self-reliant

Pilot water treatment plants are used to test applications using various methods like Reverse Osmosis, and Ultrafiltration. These methods help industries in finding the best solution for water treatment, recycling and saving cost.

Given the world’s water crisis and concern for the environment, industries and companies are now more conscious of their industrial activities. In this regard, water treatment allows them to reduce pollution and help save the environment while gaining efficiency. Pilot water treatment plants can assist industries in achieving those goals. The long-term result of this method self-reliance.

Pilot water treatment plants are suitable for industries that use large volume of water in their various applications.  

What are Pilot water treatment plants?

Pilot plants for water treatment are small-scale experiments that are carried out to test the applications. The same method and set-up can then be created later on at full-scale depending on the needs of the specific company of industry.

Industries related to water treatment and supply, need this technology to find an easy to treat water. In case of wastewater treatment, pilot plants can help industries find a solution that matches their needs.

Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plants

Industries that use water for their applications, need to treat water before they are released into the natural water sources like rivers and underground water. The treatment process can remove the harmful contaminants like chemicals from the water and make it safe for the environment.

Treating wastewater is important so that it doesn’t contaminate the natural water sources, especially the ground water used for drinking. There are various methods of water treatments, such as:

• Reverse Osmosis
• Ultrafiltration, Nano and Microfiltration
• Adsorption Desalination
• Membrane Distillation
• Forward Osmosis

Depending on the needs of a specific industry, any one of the above methods can be used. The pilot plant is designed to test which method would be best suited for their water treatment needs.

Pilot Plants Provide Valuable Data

Before industries can set-up a full-scale water treatment plant at their premises, they need to first make sure that it will work efficiently. This can be done by obtaining valuable data via Pilot water treatment plants.

Pilot water treatment plants provide data like which method of filtration is right for the purpose, the cost, and the risk factors. The information obtained from such experiments can then be applied to build a large-scale water treatment plant at their premises. This will also save them a lot of time and cost and will help them become more self-reliant. It will also help them find a solution that works for them.

Assureds Results Before the Set-up

Before investing huge amount of money on a large-scale set-up of a water treatment plant, companies need proof that it will work. The pilot plants are designed to conduct tests and make changes until it fits the bill. Once that’s done, the industries can use the data to build an actual plant for wastewater treatment.

The pilot plants ensure that the results will be same when it is done at a large scale. This is the whole point of the experiments. At first, the tests are carried out in smaller scale so that it can changes can be made easily. Various methods are testes and used to find the right one. For instance, Reverse Osmosis may work for one company while it may not fit the others. Which is why, several methods are used to determine which one will provide the best results.

Pilot water treatment plants can predict the results so that companies can set-up the plant without any hassle or doubt.

It Ensures Smooth Operation

Any problems in the process of water treatment can be done easily at small-scale. Which means, when the actual wastewater treatment is done, the whole process will run smoothly. This will ensure that the companies don’t lose time or money.

Pilot plants are one of the best ways to conduct experiments and find solution that works. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of the industries. This way, they can find the right solution at the right time.

Making Industries Self-reliant and Efficient

The pilot plants are helping industries become more efficient and self-reliant by providing them with accurate data. Industries are now relying on such technology to find the solution they need. Industries can now meet their goals and become a responsible organization.

Companies can gain the trust of the citizens and comply with the regulation. The world is conscious of their responsibilities towards the environment and they expect the industries across the globe to work to make environment safe from harmful industrial waste. With a highly efficient and cost-effective solution like pilot water treatment plants, industries can easily achieve their goals.

The Bottomline

Pilot water treatment plants are helping industries become more efficient and environment-friendly. The unique solution provides them with data and foundation upon which they can build a fully functional water treatment plant in their premises. In many ways, it is helping them become self-reliant. Keiken Engineering offers customized solution for Pilot water treatment plants for wastewater treatment and water supply industries. We offer customized solution that can help you save a lot of time and cost. Contact us at info@keiken.es or call us at +34 91 057 72 54 or +34 93 681 16 50.