Keiken blowers for water treatment

Keiken blowers for water treatment

Wastewater Treatment is a mandatory process established in the current law that protects the environment from several damages. Nowadays, most of necessary Water Treatment Plants are already built, however, their technologies and facilities must be reviewed and, also, it must be studied the implementation of Energy Efficiency measures to improve the efficiency of the equipment, reduce operational costs and preserve the environment. In terms of Energy Efficiency measures in Water Treatment Plants, we emphasize the aeration in specific water process, that, in many cases, consumes most of the energy required in the plant. To solve this, from KEIKEN we bet on our low energy consumption Blowers.

Characteristics of KEIKEN blowers:

• Positive displacement type.
• Composed of rotating lobes that displace the air by compression.
• The structure can be either bilobular or trilobular.
• Mounted in soundproofing cabins to comply with the most demanding regulations.
• Wide range of references in Water Treatment Area.

This type of blowers can be used in a wide variety of applications, including: filter cleaning system, aeration of biological treatments and resin cleaning system, among others.

The blowers manufactured and proposed by KEIKEN are specifically designed to:

• Significantly reduce energy consumption.

• Improve the Energy Efficiency of the plant.

• Reduce noise and annual maintenance costs.

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