Keiken filter media and filter nozzles for multilayer filters

Keiken filter media and filter nozzles for multilayer filters

Filtering Through a Filter Bed is a widely used technique in the elimination of Suspended Particles in Water. Having its main applications in Wastewater Treatment, Desalination and Drinking Water Treatment Plants.

Water Filtration can be done through a single bed or several overlays. Usually, in multilayer beds, less dense filter media should be on the top of the filter, pretending the solids are retained in this area of the bed. The material of this layer could be Sand, Anthracite or Activated Carbon.

Other important elements that determine the success in filtering process are the Filter Nozzles. We will talk about the at the end of the post.

Filter Media are materials that allows water flow through them and retain different particulate material. Filter Media are selected based on desired physical characteristics, such us specific size, density and granulometry. We emphasize: Anthracite, Activated Carbon and Manganese Dioxide (Aqua-mandix).

KEIKEN supplies High Quality filter media, ideal for use in wastewater treatment and water purification. Furthermore, our filter medias have an unbeatable quality and a very competitive price.


It is a high-hardness mineral coal with a high carbon content. The shape of the Anthracite grain facilitates the retention of suspended solids. Excellent applications as a filter media in Purification Treatments and Drinking Water Treatment Plants. Compared to sand, Anthracite allows more water flow and less pressure drop.


Aqua-Mandix is mainly composed of manganese dioxide and is characterized by high catalytic activity. The manganese dioxide concentration may vary by 55-85%.
Aqua-Mandix is used as a filtration medium for water clarification and wastewater treatment, it is an ideal material for the removal of iron and manganese from water.
KEIKEN offers a wide range of Filter Nozzles, mainly used in Drinking Water, Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plants.


These filter nozzles can be installed in both open and closed filters, always ensuring maximum efficiency with minimum head losses. In addition, we fully conform to your requirements, proposing materials and dimensions that fit in an unbeatable way in your process.

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