Desalacion eficiente de agua de mar: risk management strategies for dedicated industries

Desalacion eficiente de agua de mar: risk management strategies for dedicated industries

Finding an alternative source of fresh water is the most important concern for the world. Since humans cannot stop the drying up of freshwater sources, however, there’s a possibility that we can find a replacement to it. It seems that the desalination of seawater is the future of our generation. Therefore, nowadays, industries can look up to desalacion eficiente de agua de mar instead of using up all the freshwater sources. Right from agriculture and personal consumption, to industrial use, the desalinated water can be used anywhere without a second thought.

However, before initiating the desalination process, the industry should properly analyze the situation and should be ready to face any issue. Also, you can hire various agencies that will analyze your situation and provide an efficient solution to avoid any trouble.

What is the desalination of seawater?

The desalination of seawater is a very interesting and latest way to cover up the shortage of freshwater sources. Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are the leading desalination solutions at present. Mostly, minerals and salts are removed from the saline water. In the absence of salt, the seawater gets converted into freshwater. Several industries are getting a supply of freshwater directly from the desalination plants. Both private, as well as government entities, have shown their preference for desalination water.

The only issue is, a product called brine is left behind after the process of desalination. It’s very dangerous for the environment. Therefore, various agencies have come up with numerous techniques that could be used for a desalacion eficiente de agua de mar, without affecting the environment.

What are the risks? How to manage them?

Since desalination is a risky and complicated process, here are some of the risks associated with it, along with its solution. If you want to get desalacion eficiente de agua de mar, read on.

1. Brine disposal

While the industry is installing a desalination plant, the most important concern is the disposal of the brine output. Brine is potentially dangerous for our environment because of the high content of salt in it. Apart from the salt, it also carries a lot of chemicals that were used to treat the seawater. Such a huge amount of salt threatens the existence of plants and aquatic life. Also, due to a large amount of soluble salt, it adversely affects the soil in different ways. It restricts the plants from absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.

However, there are various ways to stop environmental degradation as well as brine disposal possible at the same time. For example, the industry can dilute the brine output before discharging it. You can hire agencies that provide easy solutions for segregated brine disposal. This will ensure that your desalacion eficiente de agua de mar process runs properly. Such service providers can also provide a plan which guarantees success.

2. Establish a strict agreement

If you are installing a desalination plant to cater to the needs of private or government entities, there are certain rules that you both need to adhere to. Both the lender and the sponsor need to consider some essential issues, such as the transfer of desalination water to the lender’s system.

Also, for the desalacioneficiente de agua de mar, they should plan out who will operate, construct, and maintain the pipelines or connected facilities. It also needs to be clearly mentioned who will be at fault when there’s a delay in the operation of the desalination plant.

The contract signed between the parties must address whether the cost will be adjusted in the future or not. One can hire an agency to look into the matter and recommend the best ways to build a desalination plant.

3. Proper supply of electricity

The cost of electricity can take up about 55% of the total establishment costs of the desalination plant. For a desalacioneficiente de agua de mar, the supply of power remains critical. Larger the desalination plant more will be the requirement of electricity supply, and vice-versa.

For instance, if you are planning to set up the desalination industry in an urban area, you have to procure power supply from the power grid. However, on the other hand, if a rural area is on your mind, then you can extract electricity from sources such as solar power, wind, or wave power.

If there’s not a regular power supply to the plant, the plant will prove to be an extreme failure as it won’t be able to function at all. If the project doesn’t go as planned, the desalination plant has to suffer losses. Therefore, before beginning with the project, one should make sure there’s a proper power supply nearby. Operators of the electric project should possess the optimum expertise and experience.

4. Choose the correct model

Currently, there are two models in front of everyone to choose from, for the process of desalacioneficiente de agua de mar. However, except for the Middle East countries, all the countries use a technology known as reverse osmosis, whereas the Middle East uses thermal technology.

What makes reverse osmosis an expensive choice is a fact that, if the membrane is not replaced at the correct time, it will adversely affect the amount of consumption of energy and the plant’s efficiency.

So, when it comes to replacing the membrane, you should take the advice of professionals. Decide whether you should directly contract with the supplier of the membrane or leave it to the operator of the desalination plant. Make sure the operator guarantees good functioning and customer satisfaction.


Challenges and complexities that come along with the establishment of a desalination plant, only makes it more interesting and unique. However, the challenges that are listed above can be met with the help of an adviser. You can hire professionals to analyze your plan and recommend what’s best for you. Therefore, desalacioneficiente de agua de mar is possible without any hindrance. The desalination of seawater proves to be the best escape plan. Now with this alternative source of freshwater, industries will no more deplete the freshwater sources for industrial use. Indirectly, it will save water, which will be used for day to day activities at home.

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