Spain is harnessing the power of solar panels for greater energy-efficiency

Spain is harnessing the power of solar panels for greater energy-efficiency

Spain is emerging is the leader of solar energy projects in Europe. It has not only created a large market for solar projects, it has also increased self-consumption of solar power too. This is a sign that Spain is working towards becoming more energy efficient though solar panel projects. The long-term benefit of such more will help it become one of the biggest energy efficient country in the world.

In the last decade alone, Spain has installed a large number of solar panels across the country for self-consumption. The shifting policies and new view towards harnessing the power of solar energy is likely to help Spain in multiple ways.

In cities like Madrid, also the capital and the most populous city in Spain, installation of solar plates will have long-term positive impact.

Increase in Installation of solar panels in Spain

Installation of solar panels in Madrid has increased in the recent few after the change in the policy. Thanks to the new energy regulations approved by the Socialist (PSOE) government in Spain, in 2019, the country’s self-produced energy sector has seen an overwhelming demand for solar energy. The demand for solar panels by businesses and home increased drastically.

Since 2019, 235 megawatts (MW) of new photovoltaic power has already been installed in Spain and it is expected to increase to 440 MW in coming years. The demand for additional solar power comes from small and medium size businesses and the industrial sector. The later will be the biggest benefiter as they can consume as well as products photovoltaic solar energy.

The demand for solar panels is coming from the residential sector too. Reduction in energy bills, clean energy consumption and unlimited potential for the solar power are some of the reasons for its demand from the domestic sector.

Reducing the Cost of Energy Consumption

Installation of solar panels in Madrid, and other parts of Spain will benefit the industries in many ways. Small and medium commercial and industrial sectors are likely to benefit from solar panels installation. Places like hotels, schools, corporate building are some of the largest consumers of energy. By installing solar panels in their premises, they can reduce their overall energy cost. The cost of energy consumption via solar panels are discounted at wholesale price. This is a win-win situation for them as the energy cost was three times higher prior to the change in regulation.

The cost of installation of solar panels in Madrid has also come down after the regulation change. This has made things even easier for industries and businesses. They can now easily installer solar panels in their premises and produce the additional energy requirements. This can be done without incurring a huge cost.

It is a Step Towards Clean Energy Consumption

Given the grave global warming situation, it only makes sense to reduce the demand on conventional energy. Energy produced from fossil fuels and coals can is very harmful to environment. This makes for a very unclean energy consumption by everyone from industries to domestic areas and commercial spaces.

Solar power is natural and clean energy that can be used by everyone without putting pressure on the earth’s resources. The power of sun is unlimited and when its used to convert into electricity, it doesn’t harm the environment or people in any way. With a fraction of cost, industries and businesses can generate additional electricity and help reduce pressure on the grid power.

The demand for the installation of solar plates in Madrid has increased for the obvious reason. It is one of the most populated cities and second largest industrial area. With the installation of solar panels for self-consumption, industries can create a new culture of clean energy consumption.

Making The World A Better Place With Reduced Carbon Emission

One of the reasons why solar panel installation is gaining popularity is that it helps in reducing carbon emission. This in turn will help reduce pressure on the earth’s resources and eventually reduce the impact of global warming.

Unlike the conventional methods of generating electricity, solar panels do not produce carbon. Fossil fuels and coals do produce carbon emission and in a very large amount. This has led to global warming. The environmental impact of conventional method is destroying the plant. In Such scenario, using an alternative method like solar power for electricity is much more viable. Industries can become more energy-efficient without reducing their consumption while protecting then planet. This has also helped industries and businesses create a positive image. Industries across the globe are now working on harnessing the power of solar energy and Spain seems to be leading.

The Bottom-line

Solar power is the next big thing for the world. It has proved how effective it is in providing additional power as well as reducing pressure on the conventional method. Industries and business can benefit from it without causing damage to the environment or incurring heavy cost.  The change in the regulation is set to benefit everyone from industries to businesses and homes too.

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