6 Ways Industries can Achieve Energy Efficiency

6 Ways Industries can Achieve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a huge part of the industries as it can help reduce cost and save energy too. The energy bills don’t reflect the reality. What you are paying each month is more than the usage. You might only be using half of it, while the other half just goes to waste via leaky HVAC systems, faulty equipment and others.

Industrial spaces like water supply, and water treatment plants need a huge amount of power supply to operate. But most of the energy – nearly half of it – goes to waste because of negligence and absence of any energy management program. Manufacturing industries use billion dollars on the power facilities and the energy waste counts for 30% of it. Imagine how much extra money you are paying for the energy you didn’t even use. And now imagine, how much you could save by becoming more energy-efficient.

Energy efficiency for industry – any industry – is very important for financial, efficiency, productivity and environmental standpoint. Every industry, company and organization need to take steps for achieving energy efficiency. The good news is that you can do it.

Here are the 6 most effective ways for achieving energy efficient for industry:

1. Energy Management Team

Energy efficiency is a huge part of any industry, company and organization, which is why it deserves a whole new department or team. One of the best ways to manage energy and improve efficiency is to create an energy management team that will handle all the information, oversee and calculate the usage and also help in saving energy. Most of the industries do not have a specific team to handle the responsibility, which is why the cause gets lost somewhere. Now that saving environment has become so important, having a team that helps achieve energy efficiency for industry has becomes even more critical.

How to do it:

  • Team must have a representative from each department
  • Create a plan to monitor energy usage
  • Make the team implement ideas to save energy
  • Add incentives and bonus to make people work hard
  • Taking an initiate towards energy efficiency is important for the better future of the company as well as the environment.

2. Energy Audits

Performing energy audits is one of the best ways to achieve energy efficiency for industry as it is done very thoroughly and accurately. The results can be used to identify the problem areas and come up with a plan to achieve energy efficiency for industry. While you can conduct in-house energy audits, for the best and impartial results ask for an external team to do it. Energy audit company have an expert team specializing in energy auditing and help companies become more efficient. Energy audit will help quantify energy consumption of each department, peak consumption times and days and where the waste is happening. After the audit is done, the team will recommend the necessary steps for achieving better energy efficiency of industry and saving the cost.

3. Savers electricity consumption (Enerteq)

Reducing electricity consumption is one of the best ways to become more energy efficient for any industry. Using an electricity consumption system like ENERTEQ, industries can better manage their energy consumption. The ENERTEQ system offers stable and effective network current, which will help in saving energy up to 20%. It can be installed on the electricity system and it can help by stabilizing the input voltage, and weakening the voltage spikes caused when starting engines, air conditioning equipment, appliances, and other equipment. It also helps in removing the harmonic distortions and electrical signal noises.This system is one of the most efficient ways to manage and improve energy usage and energy efficiency in industry.

4. Control and Manage Machinery Use

In industries, machineries operation consumes a huge chunk of energy. By controlling and carefully using the energy for the operation of the machineries, industries can reduce cost and improve efficiency. By strategically scheduling machinery use, you can reduce the waste and save energy cost. You can use the audit information to find which machinery needs the most energy to run. One of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency is by scheduling the operation of these machines outside the peak hours. Likewise, there are many ways the machinery usage can be optimized to save energy and cost.

5. Using LED and Solar lighting

Lighting is also an important part of industries like water treatment plants. You will be surprised to know how much energy is wasted on lighting. Leaving the lights on when its not in use can have a huge impact on the energy consumption. By switching off the lights after use is one of the best and easiest ways to save on energy. While people are conscious of this fact at home, industries don’t pay much attention to it. It is important that companies take appropriate steps to reduce energy waste by switching off lights and using energy-efficient lighting like LED and solar lighting.

Here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • Automated lighting systems based on room’s occupancy or daylight availability can reduce energy waste
  • Install motion detector sensors to automate light switching on and off as per the need
  • Using efficient LED material for achieving energy efficiency and saving up to 80% of the lighting cost.
  • Installing solar LED lamps to improve energy efficiency as they have solar panels and batteries that supply energy to the luminaires

Using the lights consciously can help in reducing the energy waste and improve performance.

6. Optimizing Air Compressors

Air compressors are installed in the industrial areas for various reasons and they are also responsible for huge energy consumption. A lot of waste is also involved in it. The fault lies in incorrect designing, incorrect installation and maintenance. Leaks in the air compressors can amount to huge energy waste. Multiple leaks can add so much to the energy cost. It is important to keep the air compressors at optimal level and ensure they are sealed properly and don’t have any leaks. An energy audit will cover it and help come up with a plan to tackle the problem in a most efficient way.

Importance of Regular Maintenance
Cleaning and maintain the systems is one of the best ways to ensure your commercial space is energy efficient. Make sure the system, equipment, machinery, lights, HVAC system and other important components are cleaned and maintained regularly. By keeping the system efficient, you can reduce the energy wastage, improve efficiency and also increase the lifespan of each component. You can reduce the chance of sudden system breakdowns with an efficient maintenance program for your various important components. Hiring a professional team for regular repair and maintenance is a great way to ensure your industrial space is efficient and well-maintained.

The Bottom-Line
Energy efficiency for industry is important and can be achieved by taking appropriate action. From creating an energy management team to hiring a professional auditing company to committing to a maintenance program, companies can save cost and make their industrial space more efficient.

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