Activated carbon in water treatment and purification

Activated carbon in water treatment and purification

Filter media are granulated or powdered materials that allow the passage of raw water through them by retaining the particulate matter. Filter media are selected based on desired physical characteristics, such as specific size, gravity and particle sizes that will define the degree and efficiency of the filtration.

In KEIKEN, we supply quality filtering media, suitable for each application in wastewater treatment and water purification. In addition, we maintain exclusivity agreements with manufacturers around the world, which allow us to have an unbeatable quality of the product and with a very competitive price.

In this post we will focus on the Activated Carbon as a filter media in the treatment and purification of water.


Activated Carbon is a highly adsorbent filtering medium with high carbon content and a high internal porosity, and therefore a large free surface for adsorption. An example of active charcoal that we supply in KEIKEN would be the one coming from the coconut husk. The active charcoal of coconut husk (vegetable) is made from coconut shell, is a material that are characterized by having a large amount of pores and a high hardness.


Activated Carbon has a high adsorption capacity of a wide range of contaminants including aromatic compounds, hydrocarbons, detergents, pesticides, soluble dyes, chlorinated solvents, phenols and derivatives of hydroxyl groups.
Adsorption is a process where a solid is used to remove a water soluble substance. In this process the active carbon is the solid.
They are an ideal choice for use as a tertiary treatment with a view to water reuse. They are also very effective in the elimination of toxic compounds that can jeopardize the functioning of the biological treatment, improving, in turn, its performance.

Activated Carbon Wastewater treatment systems are easy to implant and maintain, as they can even be incorporated into conventional purification systems.
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