Can You Install Solar Panels In A Shaded Location

Can You Install Solar Panels In A Shaded Location

You must have heard people saying that solar panels fail to produce energy when placed in shaded locations. But is it true? Does it really make Instalación paneles solares Madrid inefficient? It does. But it still works great. Before you plan the appropriate placement of the solar panels, you need to be familiar with the reality.  

Although there will be professionals to analyze the situation, you still need to figure out its works. Even though the area where you're planning to set up the solar panel is shaded, it still receives sunlight daily. It's not like your solar panels won't function at all. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll have answers to all your queries. Let's settle this confusion once and for all.

Are solar panels effective in shaded locations?

For your solar panels to work, it doesn't need the direct rays of sunlight falling on them. Undoubtedly, the placement of solar panels in shaded locations will decrease efficiency. But, it won't stop working completely. Based on the amount of indirect sunlight the panels are receiving, the numbers will fluctuate. 

The general rule of shades and clouds reveals that the amount of energy produced by solar panels will be reduced by half when placed under shaded locations. 

Major factors responsible for the shade

There are numerous sources from where shade emits and impacts your solar panels. Let's look at some of the most common reasons behind the shades. 

  • Roof: Your roof might act like an umbrella for solar panels. With the changing position of the sun throughout the day, the access to sunlight will be blocked from various parts of the chimney, such as the dormer or chimney. Several online tools are available for calculating your property's solar potential while taking local shading into consideration. 
  • Clouds: The discussion about the working of solar panels under shaded locations will remain incomplete without the mention of clouds. Undoubtedly, clouds block the pathway of sunlight to the earth. However, you have to be worry-free about its impact on solar energy production. Clouds let some sunlight pass through them, which implies your solar panels can still produce energy. You can rest assured about clouds reducing the efficiency of Instalación placas Solares Madrid
  • Other panels: If you're planning to install solar panels in a commercial hub, you need to consider the possibility of solar panels blocking access to sunlight from other buildings. Panels placed at higher levels might cast a shadow over the lower panels of the same setup.  

Solar panel efficiency and shading

The shaded solar panels will produce less energy than the solar panels receiving direct sunlight. Even though exposure to sunlight is a major factor behind such inefficiency, its inverters and panels also play a major role. If the solar panels remain under shade for the majority part of the day, the solar panels might not be the ideal option for you. On the contrary, if the roof experiences only partial shade for a minimal period in the day, the solar inverters will come to the rescue by preventing efficiency loss. 

Solar panels are incomplete without solar inverters. They are responsible for the conversion of DC to AC, which is an obvious requirement to run electricity. When you get your hands on the right solar inverters, it contributes to minimizing efficiency loss due to shaded panels. 

What are the accessories available to increase efficiency?

Let's look at some of the accessories that can be used separately to accelerate the efficiency of solar panels, even in shaded locations. Two options are available for you to choose from. They act as a catalyst for generating power. They include:

  • DC Optimizers

DC optimizers need to be fixed separately with each solar panel. Remember how the panel placed at a higher level can affect the efficiency of the other panel placed lower than that? Well, DC Optimizers intend to solve that issue. Every panel functions individually and doesn't affect other panels' performance. 

The performance of your Instalación paneles Solares Madrid will increase at jet speed. Additionally, the optimizers will help monitor the panels and safeguard them from any potential fire hazard. 

  • Microinverters

Unlike the conventional inverters, the micro-inverters are fixed on individual solar panels. The output from each panel, i.e., DC, will be separately converted to AC. The lower output from one shaded panel doesn't impact the output of other panels. Thanks to the micro-inverters! At a module level, you can monitor the solar panels with the help of micro-inverters.  


Now that you are familiar with the reality, we hope it helps you make a rational decision. We do not deny the fact that there will be some reduction in the performance. We are saying that it can be tackled regardless of your panel's layout and inverter choice. However, you need to burden yourself with all these things. It would be best if you hire a professional installer who will analyze your space and recommend the best possible location. Let the expert handle the task!

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