Cartridge filters for water treatment

Cartridge filters for water treatment

Filtration through cartridge filters is a technique widely used in the elimination of particulates and contaminant compounds contained in the water, having their main applications in Wastewater Treatment Plants (Advanced treatments) and in pre-treatments in Desalination and Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP).
The filtration is made by pressure, allowing the passage of clarified water and retaining the particles and the unwanted pollutants, until the filter is saturated and it is necessary to carry out its substitution by new ones. The saturation of the same is measured by the pressure difference between the pressure at the inlet and the exit. When this pressure difference exceeds a limit established in the operation, the substitution is made, since the energy cost of continuing to operate those cartridges does not compensate.

These filters are located inside a container or casing that can be in GRP or carbon/stainless steel, depending on each particular project. Some of the industrial applications of the cartridge filters would be: food industry, chemical processing, as the last step of protection of reverse osmosis membranes, potable water purification, etc.

Some of the advantages

• They occupy little space

• Economic.

• You can choose the pore filtration

• Very effective

• Simple maintenance

• Good corrosion resistant and have good chemical resistance.
From KEIKEN we can offer a wide range of cartridge filters that adapt to the requirements and needs of each particular project. In addition, we supply quality cartridge filters, suitable for each application in tertiary treatment and water purification. At KEIKEN, we maintain exclusivity agreements with manufacturers around the world, which allow us to have an unbeatable quality of the product and with very competitive price.

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