Energy saving measures in residential buildings

Energy saving measures in residential buildings

Energy Efficiency measures in residential buildings are usually carried out mainly for two reasons: by a high Environmental Awareness and Responsibility and by the economic savings that are achieved by reducing the energy consumption and improving the Energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency measures must be performed by qualified professionals, because they directly affect to consumptions and economic savings of users.

Some examples of Energy Efficiency measures in residential buildings that can be carried out are:

• Improve the cladding and thermal insulation of the building. A consensus is needed among the neighbors to improve the exterior facade. If this consensus is not reached, the interior facade of each house could be improved, but it is not as efficient, and it loses a minimum habitable space.

• Renovation of thermal sources. Substitution by others with more recent and efficient technologies. To study the implementation of condensation boilers, heat pumps, biomass boilers, geothermic, thermal energy or solar heating.

• Change of the origin of the energy, ensuring that 100% of the energy consumed is of green and renewable origin. At KEIKEN we can help you with this.

• Study of the implementation of Renewable Energies in the building.

• The implementation of Solar Photovoltaic energy with a Storage battery should be studied, to feed common elements such as elevators and garage lighting.

• Another possible renewable technology to be implemented would be the installation of Solar Collectors in the supply of sanitary hot water.

• Replacement of lighting to LED technology. The change must be studied to this low-energy and more efficient technology. In addition, presence detectors could be deployed in all indoor common areas and dimmable LEDs in garages.

For KEIKEN the most important thing is:

• To provide our customers with a quality service that has the latest technologies with the best saving/investment ratio.

• Reduce their costs and energy consumption.

• To preserve in the environment betting on a supply 100% of renewable energies.

Moreover, we can offer our experience and versatility to study and propose the most efficient and competitive solution that meets the needs of each particular user.

To request our Energy Efficiency Services, an Energy Audit, calculate the Carbon Footprint or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.