Enerteq, the energy saver

Enerteq, the energy saver

Energy efficiency is a practice that aims to reduce the energy consumption of installations, buildings and houses. As its name implies, it basically translates into making more efficient use of energy by investing the minimum, and thus optimizing production processes, using less energy and using those resources to increase production.
Electricity is currently the main source of energy for most companies and establishments that offer services to the public and also to our homes. To achieve maximum efficiency and in search of a fair cost we must analyze the electricity consumption of these facilities.
One of the energy efficiency measures that we recommend in KEIKEN is the implementation of the ENERTEQ energy consumption savers in the facilities. This technology is one of the best options to reduce energy demand, protect installed equipment and increase its useful life.

How does it work?

• Stabilizes the input voltage at a nominal voltage.
• Attenuates voltage spikes produced in engine startups, air conditioning equipment, appliances, etc.
• Eliminates harmonic distortions and electrical signal noises, ensuring an estimated 15% energy savings and significant increase in equipment life.

ENERTEQ achieves the savings because it acts in reducing the impedances produced by factors such as voltage imbalance between phase and neutral, attenuates the voltage spikes produced at the start of the motors and manages to stabilize the tension of Input to a nominal voltage eliminating the harmonic distortion and the noises of the electrical signal.

The result will be the improvement of the current flow, a lengthening of the useful life of the electrical equipment and, finally, a decrease in the consumption of electrical energy. Thanks to the robustness of the ENERTEQ equipment it has a useful life of 20 years without maintenance.

ENERTEQ has more than 10 years of experience, in which more than 50 cases of success have been achieved, where the energy savings have allowed the amortization of the equipment in less than 2 years.

To make a more detailed and accurate study, it would be necessary to carry out an Energy Audit and achieve the maximum possible efficiencies.

To request our Energy Efficiency Services, an Energy Audit, calculate the Carbon Footprint or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.