Keiken energy service provider registered in IDAE

Keiken energy service provider registered in IDAE

IDAE is the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings. It is an organ attached to the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. It contributes to achieving the objectives that Spain has acquired in terms of improving energy efficiency, renewable energies and other low carbon technologies constitutes the strategic framework of its activity. IDAE is responsible for different activities of diffusion and training, technical advice, development of specific programs, etc.

IDAE also has a search for energy service providers. A company considered a supplier of energy services is one that provides energy services or applies other measures to improve energy efficiency in a particular installation, complying and following the current regulation. In Spain, these activities are regulated by RD 56/2016, concerning energy efficiency, with regard to energy audits, accreditation of service providers and energy auditors and promotion of the efficiency of the supply of Energy.

KEIKEN, in its commitment to energy efficiency, it is recognized as a quality energy service provider in IDAE .

In KEIKEN we have an energy efficiency department with experience to improve your business:

  • Products: ENERTEQ, LED and Solar lighting, domotics and consumption management.
  • Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency study.
  • Carbon Footprint calculation and emissions reduction.
  • Technical and Energetic Due Dligences in water treatment plants.
  • Advice and specialized consulting.

To request our Energy Efficiency Services, an Energy Audit, calculate the Carbon Footprint or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.