Polyelectrolyte preparation equipment

Polyelectrolyte preparation equipment

Polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in water treatment and purification; They act mainly in the coagulation-flocculation stage and in the conditioning/thickening of the sludge line. In KEIKEN we know the importance of polyelectrolyte and we have designed a polyelectrolyte preparation equipment called AUTOFLOK, which achieves a high performance without loss of raw material.

This equipment acts by lowering the load of the particles and their ionic character can be classified in three groups: Cationic (with positive charge), anionic (with negative charge) and nonionic (without load).


KEIKEN Polyelectrolites are solids, supplied in the form of powder or white pearls and are manufactured within a range of controlled granulometry in order to provide an optimal dissolution characteristic.

The addition of these products to water without an adequate dispersion process can result in the formation of large gel aggregates which would be very difficult to completely dissolve.

This equipment manages to integrate the powdered polyelectrolytes in the solution to obtain a correct dispersion and performance of them within the water treatment process.

The preparation process is based on three stages: dissolution, maturation and transfer.

  • Dissolution. The polymer is humidified and dossolved by slow agitation, favouring the homogenization of the solution.
  • Maturation. The solution is kept in continuous and slow agitation.
  • Transfer. The level probes act so that the solution can be dosed automatically to the nest treatment.

With the use of our equipment, the customer will be able to avoid manual interventions, as well as errors when it comes to dosage the product. Thanks to our flexibility, KEIKEN always provides the most successful option, adapting to the needs of each client, offering all the necessary accessories for your project:

It must be highlited that three of our polyelectrolyte preparation equipment, AUTOFLOK, are installed and working in Umm Al Houl Desalination Plant in Doha (Qatar). To read more avout these equipments, click here.

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