Understanding the need for energy efficiency for your industry

Understanding the need for energy efficiency for your industry

Energy efficiency for industry is the need of the hour. The global warming, rising prices and threat to the environment are some of the reasons why businesses need be more energy efficient. Its now more important for businesses to understand the need for achieving efficiency in energy consumption.

Thanks to the technology, its now possible to achieve the feat with better results.
Business efficiency was always considered something that is impossible. Partly due to the timeline and partly because of the size of the task.

Understanding the need and importance of energy efficiency for industry is necessary.For the good of the company, people and the environment.

What is Energy Efficiency?

The first thing you as a business need to do is understand the most basic of things – what is energy efficiency.Energy efficiency is getting more out of less. This means you use less energy but get the
same or higher level of efficiency. When you compare the traditional method with the new ones, you will see that the later uses less energy but provides the same level of efficiency or more. For example, the LED lights are better than the conventional ones as the use less power but last longer while providing better lightning.

Using energy efficiently without or less wastage is energy efficiency. Industries are one of the largest consumers of total energy production in the world. This is one of the reasons why they need to become more efficient. The impact high energy consumption has on environment and natural resources is why businesses need to be smart consumers of energy.

Energy efficiency for industry is considered as a difficult task. No doubt, it’s a huge challenge and will need long-term commitment. But its possible. There are several ways industries can do it.

Challenges For Energy Efficiency in Industries

There are numerous challenges when it comes to achieving energy efficiency for industry. It doesn’t happen overnight and it can be months before any changes can be noticed.

Then the cost associated with it is another obstacle that companies need to deal with.They already have limited capital resources and carving out a share for energy efficiency is not easy.

And, then there is lack of accessibility to resources to achieve energy efficiency. Not to mention, the task of regulating the use of energy in any industry is considered as huge and impossible.

For years, it has been established that energy cost in any industry is an uncontrollable element. The energy managers think its not easy to get different department to work in unison.

Despite all the challenges, the companies are waking up to the fact that energy efficiency is important. It will not only help the environment and the people, but it is important for the growth of the company too.

Energy Efficiency and The Cost Benefits

The biggest motivation for energy efficiency for industry is reduction in the cost. Energy cost in any industry makes up for a large part of it. By taking steps to reduce energy consumption or using it wisely can help them reduce the cost considerably.

Gradually, the companies realized that energy usage is in fact controllable. They also understand that energy consumption can have a direct impact on the finances. Low energy consumption means low cost, and higher consumption means high cost. This simple math has made industries more sensitive to the cause of energy efficiency.

As per a survey, 39% of energy saving can be done in industries. Imagine the cost the industries can save by making a sight change in their energy consumption. Lightning is perhaps the biggest consumer of energy, but it doesn’t provide any considerable Return on Investment. That’s a good place to start for any young company.

A Shift Towards a Sustainable Energy Source

The rising energy demand and price has made the energy market more volatile. The steep rise in the price is primarily due to the demand of the growing population. People use electricity for all sorts of things from cooking to entertainment. Now imagine the level of consumption in various industries.

The uncertainty and the rising price haven couraged industries to look for more
sustainable source of power. For instance, solar energy had become one of the best sources of power. It can be used to power the lightning in the offices and factories. It can also be used to generate power for running equipment and devices.

Solar batteries are used for lighting in both domestic and non-domestic settings. The sun energy is infinite and provides a very safe source that doesn’t cost much. The only cost companies have to bear is the initial installation cost. Once installed, the solar panels can last for a very long time before the need any type of maintenance.

This shift towards the non-conventional source of energy is one of the reasons why industries now think it’s possible to reduce energy usage and cost as well.

Its Good For the reputation

If financial and environmental benefits aren’t enough, there is a boost to brand
reputation. Brand reputation can help companies grow financially even further. Today,people and companies like to associate with brands that take environment safety seriously. By taking measures and promoting energy efficiency, companies can actually gain from it.

Brands are increasingly using the strategy of energy efficiency for industry to improve their relationship with the customers and other businesses. Everyone has become so conscious about the environment including the consumers. They are now actively seeking information and details about the process of production and manufacturing.They want to buy products from brands that are eco-friendly.

The internet has of course made it possible for people to acquire information. Imagine the impact the energy efficiency strategy can have on performance and growth of any company. And, it has to be visible and not just on the papers alone.

Energy Efficiency is Key to Employees’ Safety and Well-being

The best part of energy efficiency is that companies don’t have to sacrifice the comfort.HAVC or the Heating, Cooling and Air Condition system is an important part of any organization. The HVAC system also consumes a lot of power and is partly responsible for the huge cost. Now, companies don’t have to sacrifice the comfort as the HVAC systems manufactured today come with features that ensure energy efficiency.

By upgrading the HVAC systems and choosing the LED lights, companies can reduce energy consumption and wastage. At the same time, they can ensure that employees work in a very safe and comfortable environment. For instances, LED lights are safer and last longer. The modern HVAC systems are designed to prevent accidents and work efficiently. You can automate the HVCA system to adjust the temperature as per the
needs. This will ensure that the HVAC system works efficiently while using the energy wisely.

The long-term benefits of such move will eventually reflect on the reduced cost and greater efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Energy efficiency for industry is the need of the hour. It’s important for the industries to first understand the importance of energy efficiency. By taking appropriate steps, they can ensure a safer planet and better use of the energy.

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