Drones and renewable energies

Drones and renewable energies

Drones have demonstrated their usefulness solving numerous problems in different sectors: sporting events, surveillance or research, among others. Their recent application in Renewable Energies has been very satisfactory with successful results in different processes such as the maintenance of photovoltaic installations, inspection of high voltage lines or monitoring in construction.

  1. 1. Maintenance of photovoltaic installations

  2. This maintenance can be carried out by flying over the photovoltaic modules and carrying out thermographies. This application can be carried out by the installation of a camera in the drone.

The function performed by the drone facilitates the maintenance mechanism of these facilities, regardless of the extent and type of terrain, or even its accessibility. Solar parks and wind farms are characterized by large extensions and limited access.

2. Inspection of high voltage lines

Drones allow to monitor different elements of the power lines of high voltage. For example, with the thermal chamber, thermography of the lines can be carried out and detection of alterations may be detected.

High-tension lines cover great lengths and very disparate terrain with accesses varying along the lines, so the drone is an useful tool that also simplifies inspection.

3. Monitoring in construction

Within the process of the construction of renewable modules, the drones simplify the process of monitoring. It gives a global image of the facilities, their progress over time and even serve to detect possible problems that could not be seen otherwise, as it gives us a perspective from the sky.

In KEIKEN, we are committed to innovating and improving the efficiency of current projects. Like Drones, which have proved to be of great help, there are many other technologies that are lacking to settle down and need to be developed. Renewable Energies need that impulse and support, so our facilities are exclusively supplied by 100% green energy.

Furthermore, from KEIKEN we promote and bet on R+D projects, one of our latest projects consists of Sustainable desalination plant based on alternative desalination technologies, which reduce the energy consumption of current technologies by up to 75%. To be a more sustainable plant, it is hybridized with renewable energies, making it, in turn, a more efficient plant, requiring a minimum contribution of external energy and significantly reducing the Carbon Footprint.

The R+D project for the design and construction of a desalination plant hybridized with renewable energies has obtained the IBEROEKA seal.

To request our Energy Efficiency Services or more information, you can contact us by email info@keiken.es.