Energy efficiency for industries: trending solutions and productivity benefits

Energy efficiency for industries: trending solutions and productivity benefits

In the current scenario, the world is in such a situation that the problems related to population growth are perpetually increasing. Along with several other industries, the gas and oil industries are at the receiving end of all the adverse effects caused due to global demand for energy resources. The increasing challenges of the world are vividly characterized by stringent regulations, volatile prices, and the insatiable desire. Fortunately, by adopting methods of energy efficiency for industry, the waste product is being minimized while checking the consumption of energy.

This background is essential because energy efficiency solutions are one of the best ways in which the industries will be able to meet the demands of the people without exhausting natural resources and creating further problems for the future generation. Read on the subsequent sections of this article, to have an in-depth view of the concept.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

The solution developed in favor of energy efficiency for industry seems to have a widespread impact even though it is more often than not measured in terms of energy savings and reduction in the level of greenhouse gas produced. Some of the indirect benefits that energy efficiency has on productivity are:

• Maintenance and operational savings
• Avoidance of capital cost (both immediate and for the future scenario)
• Competitiveness in increased
• Avoidance of compliance costs
• Employee productivity is enhanced
• Creation of job sections
• Preservation of wealth

As a matter of fact, while working in the industrial sector, you will come across several types of clients that range from large-scale industrial processes to the ones operating at a small-scale base. However, one thing that can be considered common among them is the potential to realize the essentiality of energy efficiency and how it positively affects the bottom-line.

How can you identify the weak points? 

Most of the industries today are facing almost the same situation: how to enhance productivity even while reducing the level of energy consumption. As governments all across the world are enforcing stricter laws concerning efficiency and emission, the cost imposed on energy is skyrocketing. If the industries did not take proper measures in the time in order to counter the effects, they could run into severe losses in no time.

The good part among all the bad news is that industries that have low productivity levels could be able to do better if they are successful in managing the counter reasons that could be significant factors in stalling their progress. When you are able to identify the technical or engineering reasons which could affect the productivity level of your firm, you can decipher enhanced solutions that will fetch you higher returns.

Several companies are functioning, which will help you with a wide range of solutions that will not only enhance energy efficiency for industry but also promote better productivity. Some of the perfect examples are variable speed drives and electric motors. The motor-driven applications are typically designed in a way that operates at optimum speeds, thereby enhancing the levels of productivity and also saving energy.

For example, let us consider a situation where you are using outdated equipment and systems. Therefore, the work required in the completion of a task becomes a lot, however unnecessary. Therefore, talk to one of the specialists in the sector of energy efficiency to conduct an audit of the facility that you might be using.

Solutions offered by State-of-the-art Efficiency Services

The optimization of any manufacturing process can be achieved through the adequate installation of trending technologies, which are effectively coupled with efficient management systems of the same type. To this end, several activities offered include:

• Minimizing the pressure losses and temperature levels
• Assessment of the essential requirements: control and instrumentation
• Modification of the processes
• Maintaining standards of energy efficiency for industry
• Selection of efficient equipment –pumps, motors, drives, and more

What are the various approaches that can be taken to enhance energy efficiency for industries?

Typically, the wastage of energy in an industry is the result of poor control of the processes carried out. Ask any of the specialists in the sector: with an enhanced level of process control, the industry will be able to reduce their energy bills by at least 15%. When it comes to processing the utilities, one area that the modern solutions will help you check is the cost expended on compressors.

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Even a simple leakage can translate into higher costs. That is why conducting leakage tests on the network is considered to be crucial. The modern leak detection equipment available today is often used to make the process as thorough as it is possible. These solutions can be further applied to the following processing activities:

• Cooling water to obtain appropriate temperature levels
• Managing industrial gases
• Minimizing the flow of cooling water

The drives and motors offer an outstanding opportunity for the facilities to realize the monumental energy efficiency for industry. For instance, the trend nowadays can be used for a VSD (variable speed drive) on a motor to control the supply of electricity. Also, the factories are working towards reducing the levels of power requirement for the motor by 50% by making use of the energy efficiency techniques. The use of automatic timers or sensors to control the operation of the pump is also gaining rapid popularity.

Steam and boiler management can also help you save up to 30% of the energy that was otherwise consumed. Enhancing maintenance and improving insulation can further go a long way in achieving success. Also, adjusting the heat recovery process can be considered as a commendable approach. A large amount of steam is lost through leakage; therefore, it is imperative to make use of the best leak detection methods and repair the equipment accordingly.
Industries can further enhance their productivity by using the furnace effectively.

Bottom Line

The different solution categories of energy efficiency for industry could be listed as –Thermal energy storage, taking care of industrial refrigeration solutions, turbine inlet air cooling, district cooling, industrial heat pumps, set up of the absorption and compression systems as well. The customized, along with advanced industrial solutions for cooling, are offered by several companies, can cater to your needs. The population is rising every day, and the prices of energy are fluctuating every day. Therefore, it is high time that your industry adopted an efficient means of energy conservation.

At Keiken Engineering, we are committed to promoting energy efficiency for industry in order to reduce the operating costs and improve the level of productivity. Several sectors, including –electricity production, gas & oil, and petrochemical, are being positioned in the best way by taking advantage of the solutions that we have to offer. We have the capability to introduce you to efficient energy practices that will help you in the long run. To know more about us and the solutions that we offer, you can contact us at +34 91 057 72 54, or you can also send us an email at info@keiken.es.