Keiken and its NPS

Keiken and its NPS

In KEIKEN, we have in mind the degree of satisfaction of our clients, being always our priority when offering the best service. Moreover, we are very aware of your opinions: learning from the recommendations suggested and feeling so proud of the good results and appraisals.

We also tend to calculate an indicator that allows to measure customer loyalty, not only measure their satisfaction with the service and supply carried out, but also if they have been so satisfied that they would recommend us to other companies. This indicator is the NPS (Net promoter Score).
NPS stands out because of:

• Being an utterly simple indicator to calculate.
• Its methodology is easy to interpret and explain.
• It Allows a simple comparison between companies and sectors.
• In Addition, it is complemented with the Customer Satisfaction Index.

How have we calculated this indicator?

Within The Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire is the question: would you recommend our products/services to other companies? And it must be answered by valuing from 1 to 10, considering according to the valuations:
Therefore, the value of the indicated oscillates between-100 (everyone is a detractor) and + 100 (everyone is a promoter). An NPS indicator greater than 50 is considered to be excellent.
At KEIKEN We are proud to have a 0% detractors and to know that 57% of our customers would recommend our products and services.

Our NPS is 57%!


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