Discovering the Benefits of Pumice Stone for Water Filtration

Discovering the Benefits of Pumice Stone for Water Filtration

The importance of preserving natural sources of water goes without saying. Hence, experts are brainstorming ideas to convert wastewater or seawater into freshwater ready to be used by humans again. Doing this comes with its own set of challenges. Experts are of the notion that the most natural and convenient currently is pumice stone for water filtration. 

Given its adaptability, a pumice filter can easily be used for single, double, and multi-media based on the water’s quality. Read on to know how this concept has proved to be immensely beneficial to us. 

Pros Of Using Pumice Stone For Water Filtration 

Pumice stone works wonderfully on various filtration media such as sand, clay, sintered pfa, and anthracite. Surveys conducted to compare the effectiveness of pumice filters and deep bed sands revealed that pumice proved to be better in head loss & turbidity removal. 

The trap-and-hold action on each pumice particle's rough, pitted surface, which works in conjunction with the filtering occurring in between the particles, is what gives pumice stone for water filtration its performance improvement. Pumice is the best material for absorbing and holding onto cyanobacterial toxins and other contaminants present in tainted drinking water. 

1. Durability : Pumice is built to be rough and tough. It can be used to carry out water-filtration for a longer period of time. Pumice stone doesn’t have signs of degradation or break down with time as compared to other types of filtration materials. So, consequently, the pumice filter can be used for years on end without having to replace the stone. This feature makes it a cost-effective option that will save you a huge deal of money. The media lifespan could extend to as long as at least 10 years. 

2. Eliminates Impurities :Since pumice has higher porosity and surface areas, pumice stone for water filtration enjoys the ability to trap & eliminate impurities. It effectively removes sand, sediment, and multiple other particulate. As water passes through the porosity of the pumice stone, impurities get trapped in the rough parts and the clean water flows. 

3. Balances the pH level: The alkaline nature of pumice stone is ideal for neutralizing the acidic nature of water. It’s the most effective for areas prone to acid rains or have naturally acidic water bodies. Acidic water is known to cause corrosion to appliances, pipes, and various other fixtures. When their acidic nature is kept under control, the water becomes suitable for appliances and plumbing systems. 

4. Sustainable: One can easily get their hands on pumice stone for water filtration at any corner of the world. It’s low carbon footprints makes it easy to carry and quite lightweight. Being a natural and renewable material, it can be extracted without causing any harm to the environment. It’s quite different from other synthetic materials that are not so eco-friendly. 

5. Non-Toxic & Safe: It’s an natural approach to carry out water filtration. It won't introduce any dangerous chemicals or impurities to the water and is neither poisonous nor reactive. This makes it the perfect substance to use when purifying water for drinking or other purposes. Pumice stone is a safe and dependable option for water filtration since, in contrast to other materials, it won't leak dangerous compounds into the water.

6. Low pressure loss: The distinctive characteristic of pumice stone for water filtration comes with higher solid retention capacity, better particulate lodgings, and increased run times of the filter without any signs of deterioration in the quality of filtrate. 


Worlwide, pumice stone is hailed to be the best agent to be used for water filtration. Since years, it has successfully catered to filtering wastewater, potable water, and seawater. The versalite medium has paved its way into various applications such as SWRO treatments, desalination filtration, & potable water filtration. 

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