Why industries need energy audits now more than ever

Why industries need energy audits now more than ever

Energy is an important part of industries. Without it, no industry can survive or work efficiently. Industries are responsible for a huge part of world’s total energy consumption. While energy consumption is important part of the industries, bringing energy efficiency for industry is equally important. Efficient use of energy is essential for the industry, people, environment and for the future generation, especially in the current scenario.

While there are many ways to achieve energy efficiency for Industry, energy audits are one of the most effective methods used today. This method is now widely used by industries to achieve higher efficiency level.

The industries across the globe need energy audits more than ever as the global warming is increasing and has become a major concern for the world. But energy efficiency is required for various reason and energy audits can help industries achieve efficiency.

What is Energy Audit?

Energy audit is a method used by industries where professional team surveys, inspects and analyze energy flow inside a building. This is done to determine the best course of action for energy conservation. It includes various things from reducing the amount of energy input, energy cost and carbon footprint. All this is done without affecting the output or efficiency of the particular industry.

Energy audit is an important step towards greater energy efficiency for Industry. It determines the factors that can help improve energy use in the industry. It helps in planning the course of action in a systematic way. The process of energy audit includes:

1. Data Collection

The first step of the energy audit is collecting the necessary data on energy consumption of the building, details, on equipment and machine used, diagrams and other important things. The information is usually provided by the organization as it is more accurate and save a lot of time. Data collection is important for analyzing the whole system for understanding the energy consumption needs.

2. On-site Visit and Inspection

The next important step is to pay a visit in person. Onsite visit is essential for gathering all the information needed for studying the energy consumption patterns. This step is essential for collection more data in more detail. Here the people from energy audit companies collect information, such as brand and model of the equipment, running hours and other things. They will also ask question to the people who operate the equipment and people who are responsible for maintain it.

3. Analyzing the Information

Analyzing the information is an important step towards energy efficiency for industry. Here the available data is analyzed to determine the energy consumption and performance based on the operation and activities of the organization. Here the team will determine the areas where energy consumption is more so that the right action can be taken to reduce the consumption and cost and increase the level of efficiency.

4. Energy Saving Plan
The next step is creating an energy-saving plan based on the information collected through analysis.For instance, if the HVAC systems are outdated and are responsible for high energy consumption then upgrading or replacing them will be the right step. Likewise, removing the old and inefficient equipment, use of LED and solar lights and using environmentally-friendly products are some of the things that can help save energy.
Energy audits are done by the experienced professionals who specialize in helping industries become more energy efficient.

Urgent Need ForEnergy Audit

The industries across the world need energy audits more than ever now. Given the increase in energy consumption, rise in industries and the pressure it puts on the limited energy resources available, energy audit is needed for energy efficiency for industry. Become responsible and efficient at the same time is important for everyone.
Here are some of the reasons why energy audits are so important:

• Improve Energy Efficiency
The primary goal of the energy audit is to improve energy efficiency in the building or facility. The audits provide important information that helps the team to come up with an effective plan. From reducing the energy consumption to replacing the faulty equipment to using energy-efficient products like LED lights and solar panel, the audits can help you find the right solution at the right time. Now it has become more than necessary for the industries to be energy-efficient.

• Reduce Energy Costs
It is obvious that the cost will rise when the consumption increases. But the consumption is not always efficient and there are areas where energy is wasted. By improving efficiency and reducing the consumption, the energy cost can be brought down considerably. The energy cost is the largest part of the overall cost in many industries. Becoming energy efficient is an essential step towards reducing the overall cost.

• Reduce environmental damage and pollution
One of the benefits of energy efficiency is that it will reduce the damages caused to the environment and reduce the pollution as well. By efficiently using the energy for various activities,industries can stop reliance on the energy import. It will also reduce pressure on the energy resources. The world is dealing with various environmental challenges and energy efficiency for industry will help reduce damages to the environment. In the long run, companies will be able become a more efficient, environmentally-friendly and responsible as well.

• Increase Safety and Efficiency of the Workplace
Energy audits help improve efficiency of the building and facilities which in turns help make it a safe place to work in. Employees will feel better to work in a friendly and safe environment. The audits can help eliminate equipment and system that are not serving the purposes. For instance, HAVC system are essential for any type of commercial or industrial space. By upgrading and replacing the old, inefficient system, industries can make the place better for everyone. It will not only make things more efficient, but it will make it safer too.

• Create a Better Image
Energy efficiency for Industry is essential for creating a positive image. People and companies want to work with companies that take environment seriously. Energy audits can help industries become more efficient in many ways. Companies who are energy-efficient can boost about it and create an image of a responsible organization. This will help them attract more business and talent. Today, people are more aware of such things and want to work with companies that take safety of the employees, people in general and the environment very seriously.

The Bottom-line

Energy audit is very important for industries today. It can help them become more energy efficient, safe and cost-effective. Audits help find out the areas where the consumption is high and how it can be addressed. Industries need it more than ever as new challenges come up. Through the energy audit, industries can meet those challenge without affecting their efficiency or profit.

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