How Madrid Seeks to Reduce Energy Bills with Solar Panel Installation

How Madrid Seeks to Reduce Energy Bills with Solar Panel Installation

Since the Solar sun tax was abolished in Spain on 2018, the country has seen an increase in Instalación paneles solares Madrid. And now, Madrid is seeking to further increase solan panel installation in Madrid by simplifying the process. 

Due to Russia-Ukraine war, Spain, like other European countries, is struggling with the increasing energy bills. Spain is tackling this issue by allowing household to generate their own electricity. Installation of solar panels is now easier than ever.  

By relaxing the rules, Madrid has made things easier for both commercial as well as residential areas.  

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New Move by Spanish Government 

Spain had the “Sun tax” until 2018, which required people to pay the money for the electricity generated from solar panels. Since the abolition, the number of solar panels had gone up, as per the reports. But there is further relaxation in the process. 

The new move comes in the light of the on-going Russia-Ukraine war. Installing solar panels will help people get their own supply of electricity in addition to the National grid supply. New move will allow citizens to install solar panels for generating power of 5000 kilowatts/Hr.  

Another motivation for this move is to reduce Spain's natural gas consumption by up to 13.5% by March next year. This will help cut cost of electricity and gas prices. In April, Spain reached an agreement with Brussels to separate the gas price from the electricity price. 

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How Solar Panels Can Help Save Energy Cost in Spain 

It has long been established that solar panels can help reduce electricity cost with self-energy generation. This way, government can also reduce dependency on imported gas and energy supply. Until now, people had to pay both electricity and gas bills together. This resulted in higher energy bills. Not anymore. 

There are so many ways Instalación paneles solares Madrid can help people save on energy bills. Also, it can help Spain fight the growing energy crisis. 

Here is how solar panels can help save on energy cost in Spain:  

  • Solar Energy is Free & Renewable 

Unlike the electricity provided by the grid, solar energy is unlimited and free. The only cost you have to bear is that of the installation, which is one-time investment. Apart from some maintenance work, solar panels don’t cost much. 

As long as the sun is out, the solar panels will utilize the energy of sun to convert it to electricity. Extra electricity generated can be stored into batterie and then used later. The stored electricity can be used to power up the house, kitchen appliances and more. The same can be done in the commercial premises. 

  • Excellent Alternative 

Given the rising cost and energy crisis, solar energy is an excellent alternative. It can save people from situations like sudden blackouts, and shortage of electricity supply. Additionally, it will provide a back-up during the tough seasons. Winters are the tricky time and an alternate energy source can be helpful. 

  • You Will Use Less Energy

You can use solar panels alongside your usual energy tariff. This will ensure that your home is supplied with electricity. If the installation is done correctly, your power system can switch effortlessly between the two-energy system. 

How to get proper installation of solar panels in Madrid? 

When it comes to solar panel installation, it is important to get it done the right way. When it's installed correctly, you can enjoy the amazing benefits it will bring. Professional service like Keiken Engineering can help you with. 

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Here is what you get when you hire us for solar panel installation in Madrid:

  • Inspection and Evaluation 

It starts with discussing your installation needs. Then it is followed by inspection and evaluation of your property. This helps the team to determine the requirements and the cost calculations.  And, the number of solar panels you will need will depend on the size of your property. 

Usually, the solar panels are installed on the roof. It is more practical and easier, but if you do not have the provision, it can be installed on the walls too. It can also be installed on the ground in the garden. The key is to install the solar panels where they will get maximum sunlight. 

  • Customized installation

It's important to get proper installation of the solar panels to get the maximum benefits. This includes your decision to connect to your solar panels with grid. The benefit of connecting it with the gride is that you will have a backup electricity supply. 

The Bottom Line 

Instalación placas solares Madrid can help people effectively deal with current energy crisis in Europe. There are many benefits of installing solar panels for electricity supply. This self-energy generation system is getting traction and the government is trying to encourage more and more installation by relaxing the rules. 

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